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I'd like to order The Ken Curtis Songbook fer $12.00. (That there includes shippin’ and handlin’.)

I'd like to order Festus Sings 'n Talks 'Bout Dodge City 'n Stuff fer $12.00. (That there includes shippin’ and handlin’.)

I’d like to order Gunsmoke's Festus Haggen Calls Out Ken Curtis fer $12.00. (That there includes shippin’ and handlin’.)
Golly Bill! I’d like to order all three fer $33.00. (That there includes shippin’ and handlin’.)
Total amount enclosed:
Yep, as of December 2015 all these here CDs is currently available!

Ship To:


Street Address

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Email address

If you’d like, you can send me an email and let me know what you’ll be orderin'. That way I can have it ready quicker than you can say rat-
run-over-the-roof-with-a-piece-of-raw-liver-in-his-mouth. If you're set on payin' by credit card just click on the "Buy Now" buttons above. These'll take you to PayPal which can sometimes be a mite flakey. So if it don't work the first time wait a spell and try again. Sorry, but that there is the onliest way to do it if you wanna use a credit card.

Please make personal checks, cashier’s checks or money orders payable to Teresa Murray and send to:

Teresa Murray
1060 Powell Street #36
San Francisco CA 94108

along with a print out of this here order page (or a note you've wrote your ownself if you ain't got a printer and you can write writin'), so's I know what you're askin' fer.

Please allow 7 to 12 days for shipment, a little longer if you send a personal check, because I’m gonna have to wait for it to clear the bank. If you’re orderin' from another country please make sure whatever you send is in US funds and I'd be obliged if you'd throw in an extra $3.00 for the postage.

If you have any questions, special instructions, comments or concerns just go ahead on and tell me about 'em:





Thanks fer yer order! I'm obliged to ya!

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