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I'll get on you like ugly on an ape!
Smart aleck!
Don't you see!
Ah Foot!
I'm always plumb careful when it comes to handlin' a gun. Much obliged fer the advice though.
Well, you just hold yer taters.

I was at the jailhouse lookin’ after a prisoner all night!

I just ain’t in a drinkin’ mood. Much obliged.

Just as right as summer rain.

Give it to you before you can say rat run over the roof of the house with a piece of raw liver in his mouth!

Don’t get pushy you knothead!

They jest ain’t no sense a killin’ somebody over a bunch of silly words.

I’ve saw folks havin’ more fun than this at a wake with a heap less people.
I need educatin’. Start teachin’

You know how it is: a promise is a promise.

Onery lookin bunch, ain’t they?

What in the tarnation’s it look like I’m doing?

Don’t cry. It’s all over, Miss Kitty.

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