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(1931)| | Franz Beckert

Bomben auf Monte Carlo
(1931)| |Pawlitschenk
(The Bombarment of Monte Carlo)

Die Koffer des Herrn O.F.
1931| | Stix
(The Trunks of Mr. O.F., The )

Funf von der Jazzband
1932| | Thief
(Five of the Jazzband)

Schuss im Morgengrauen
1932| |Klotz
(A Shot at Dawn)

F.P.1 Antwortet Nicht
1932| | Johnny
(F.P.1 Doesn't Answer)

Der Weisse Damon
1932| |hunchback
(The White Demon)

1932| |
(French remake of Der Weisse Damon)

Was Frauen Traumen
1933| |Otto Fussli
(What Women Dream)

Unsichtbare Gegner
1933| |Henry Pless
(Invisible Opponent)

Du Haut en Bas
1933 | |Beggar
(From Top to Bottom)

The Man Who Knew Too Much
1934| |Abbott

Mad Love
1935| |Dr.Gogol
(Alternate Title: The Hands of Orlac )

Crime and Punishment
1935| |Raskolnikov

Secret Agent
1936| |The General

1936| |Colonel Gimpy

Nancy Steele Is Missing!
1937| |Professor Sturm

Think Fast, Mr.Moto
1937| |Mr. Moto

Lancer Spy
1937| |Major Sigfried Gruning

Thank You, Mr. Moto
1938| |Mr. Moto

Mr. Moto's Gamble
1938 | |Mr. Moto

Mr. Moto Takes A Chance
1938| | Mr.Moto

I'll Give a Million
1938| |Louie

The Mysterious Mr. Moto
1938| |Mr.Moto

Mr. Moto's Last Warning
1939| |Mr. Moto

Mr. Moto in Danger Island
1939| | Mr. Moto

Mr. Moto Takes a Vacation
1939| |Mr. Moto

Strange Cargo
1940| |Cochon (Monsiuer Pig)

I Was An Adventuress
1940| |Polo

Island of Doomed Men
1940| |Stephen Danel

Stranger on theThird Floor
1940| |The Stranger

You'll Find Out
1940| | Prof. Fenninger

The Face Behind the Mask
1941| |Janos Szabo

Mr. District Attorney
1941| |Mr. Hyde

They Met in Bombay
1941| |Captain Chang

The Maltese Falcon
1941| |Joel Cairo

All Through the Night
1942| |Pepi

Invisible Agent
1942| |Baron Ikito

The Boogie Man Will Get You
1942| |Dr.Lorentz

1942| |Ugarte

In this Our Life
1942| |Cameo

Background to Danger
1943| |Zalenkoff

The Constant Nymph
1943| |Fritz Bercovy

The Cross of Lorraine
1943| |Sergeant Berger

Passage to Marseille
1944| |Marius

The Mask of Dimitrios
1944| |Cornelius Leyden

Arsenic and Old Lace
1944| |Dr. Einstein

The Conspirators
1944| |Jan Bernazsky

Hollywood Canteen
1944| |Himself

Hotel Berlin
1945| |Johannes Koenig

Confidential Agent
1945| |Contreras

Three Strangers
1946| |Johnny West

Black Angel
1946| |Marko

The Chase
1946| |Gino

The Verdict
1946| |Victor Emeric

The Beast with Five Fingers
1946| |Hilary Cummins

My Favorite Brunette
1947| |Kismet

1948| |Slimane

Rope of Sand
1949| |Toady

1950| |Nick

Double Confession
1950| |Paynter

Der Verlorene
1951| |Dr.Karl Rothe
(The Lost One)

Beat the Devil
1954| |O'Hara

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
1954| |Conseil

Meet Me in Las Vegas
1956| |cameo
(Alternate Title: Viva Las Vegas!)

Congo Crossing
1956| |Colonel Arragas

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Around the World in 80 Days
1956| |Japanese Steward

The Buster Keaton Story
1957| |Kurt Burgner

Silk Stockings
1957| |Brankov

The Story of Mankind
1957| |Nero

Hell Ship Mutiny
1957| |Lamouet

The Sad Sack
1957| |Abdul

The Big Circus
1959| |Skeeter

Scent of Mystery
1960| |Smiley

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
1961| |Emery

Tales of Terror
1962| |Montresor

Five Weeks in a Balloon
1962| |Ahmed

The Raven
1963| |Dr. Bedlo

The Comedy of Terrors
1963| |Felix Gillie
(Alternate Title: The Graveside Story)

Muscle Beach Party
1964| |Mr. Strangdour

The Patsy
1964|Paramount|Morgan Heywood

Pajama Party
1964 |AIP|Cameo

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