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Two very rare films starring young Ken Curtis: Lone Star Moonlight and Singing on the Trail. Both of 'em sound pretty good, but due to their age and rarity the picture quality ain't exactly as looksome as it oughta be. Still very watchable. And very silly.

Update November 2011: Make that two more very rare films fearuring Ken Curtis and the Hoosier Hotshots.

I've also put together a few Gunsmoke DVDs with some of Festus' best episodes. All these here DVDs are unofficial and unlawsome because I made 'em my ownself. I've tried to gussy 'em up some, but they ain't what you'd call professional. I'm askin' $15.00 a piece fer 'em (and that there includes the postage.)

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Columbia Pictures
Release Date: December 12th 1946
Director Ray Nazarro
Story Louise Rousseau & Ande Lamb
Screenplay Louise Rousseau
Running Time 67 Minutes

Curt's finished his time in the army and now it's time to come home, set up the first TV station in his home town and romance his childhood sweetheart, Jean (Joan Barton).

How can the money be raised to get the new station on the air? (Did anyone say concert combined with an auction?) Can Curt convince Joan that French war bride Mimi is a fraud? And how do the Hot Shots stall the crowd until the farm, uh... station, can be saved? You'll have to watch the film for the answers.

Columbia Pictures
Release Date 9/2/46
Director Ray Nazarro
Story&Screenplay J. Benton Cheney
Running Time 62 Minutes

Curt romances Helen Wyatt (Dusty Anderson), whose father loses his ranch to the hayseed singing group the Hoosier Hot Shots. Unbeknownst to Wyatt, the Hot Shots have been swindled by a couple of Eastern crooks and consider themselves the lawful owners. Chased by the irascible Wyatt, the band members seek protection from aspiring singer Curt Stanton (Curtis), who they mistake for a gunslinger. With help from his sidekick Big Boy Webster (Guinn "Big Boy" Williams) and Helen, Curt manages to return the ranch to its proper owner.

Double Feature

Throw a Saddle on a Star
Columbia Pictures Release Date: March 14th 1946
Director: Ray Nazarro Screenplay: J. Benton Cheney
Running Time: 60 Minutes

Pop Walker foolishly bets his ranch that his son Curt will win the all around championship at the rodeo. When he sees his son has become attracted to Barbara Allen and thinking it will affect his performance, he breaks it up. But then realizing the mistake he made he must get them back together again before the championship event.

Cowboy Blues
Columbia Pictures Release Date: July 18th 1946
Director: Ray Nazarro Screenplay: J. Benton Cheney
Running Time: 62 Minutes

Believing her father to be a rich ranch owner, Susan Nelson comes to visit him, accompanied by her wealthy fiancee. Instead of owning the

ranch, her father is actually just one of the hands. The real owner is absent, so foreman Curt Durant (Ken Curtis) and the other ranch hands (The Hoosier Hotshots) engage in a conspiracy to keep Susan from learning the truth.

Ep.#280: “Us Haggens” 08-Dec-1962 BW
Featuring Ken Curtis' first appearance as Festus. He helps Dillon track down a killer.

Ep.#426: “Mad Dog” 14-Jan-1967
Festus finds trouble in a small town where he's mistaken for a gunfighter and bitten by a dog.

Ep.#445: “Hard Luck Henry” 23-Oct-1967
Festus tries to get a box full of gold coins away from his eccentric relatives and back to Dodge.

Ep.#307: “Lover Boy” 05-Oct-1963 BW
Before landing a full time job as Festus, Ken played the womanizing killer Kyle Kelly in this episode.

Ep.#451: “Rope Fever” 04-Dec-1967
Festus must convince an angry town and an aging Sheriff that he's not guilty of murder.

Ep.#321: “Prairie Wolfer” 18-Jan-1964
Festus, who's been making a living as a "wolfer" returns to Dodge City and runs into trouble with cattle thieves.

Ep.#323: “Once a Haggen” 01-Feb-1964
After losing in a poker game Festus and his friend Bucko (Slim Pickens) are suspected of killing the "dude easterner" who won.

Ep.#325: “Mayblossom” 15-Feb-1964
Festus' pretty cousin Mayblossom Haggen arrives in Dodge intending to marry Festus.

Ep.#328: “Comanches is Soft” 07-Mar-1964
Festus and Quint (Burt Reynolds) take a trip to Wichita and head back home with a friendly saloon girl in tow.

Ep.#354: “Aunt Thede” 19-Dec-1964
Festus' Aunt Theodore (Kathleen Nolan) arrives in Dodge with her own peculiar notions about love, marriage and the law.

Ep.#355: “Hammerhead” 26-Dec-1964
Festus rides a quarterhorse in a race from Dodge to Cheyenne and contends with crooked gamblers and their dirty tricks.

Ep.#358: “Deputy Festus” 16-Jan-1965
Temporarily in charge of the jail for the first time, Festus is forced to track down his cousins suspected of assault.

Ep.#364: “Eliab's Aim” 27-Feb-1965
Festus' nephew Eliab (James Hampton) arrives in Dodge to shoot off Festus' ear. Well, not the whole ear, just the little hangy downy part.

Ep.#327: “The Kite” 29-Feb-1964 BW
Festus helps a young girl whose Mother has been murdered.

Ep.#391: “The Avengers” 18-Dec-1965 BW
A judge accuses Festus and Kitty of killing his son.

Ep.#394: “Sweet Billy, Singer of Songs” 15-Jan-1966 BW
Festus helps a passel of his relatives find a literate wife for his nephew.

Ep.#397: “Killer at Large” 05-Feb-1966 BW
Festus kills a drunken sharpshooter and goes on the run.

Ep.#399: “Wishbone” 19-Feb-1966 BW
While Marshal Dillon pursues a trio of killers, Festus nurses a snake bit Doc.

Vol IV

Volume 5
Ep.#549: “My Brother’s Keeper” 15-Nov-1971
Festus finds an elderly Indian in a cave, left there to die by his people, and brings him into Dodge.

Ep.#562: “Alias Festus Haggin” 6-Mar-1972
Festus is mistaken for vicious killer Frank Eaton (also played by Ken Curtis) and stands trial for the other man’s crimes.

Ep.#571: “Eleven Dollars” 30-Oct-1972
Festus encounters a widow and her two young sons on his way to Abeline.

Ep.#600: “The Deadly Innocent” 17-Dec-1973
Festus is appointed as guardian of his friend Billy, a mentally handicapped young man who’s out of his depth in Dodge.

Ep.#632: “I Have Promises to Keep” 2-Mar-1975
Festus befriends a preacher who hopes to build a church for Indians outside a hostile town.

Ep.#622: “Island in the Desert: Part I” 02-Dec-1974 Color

Festus pursues an escaped criminal who shoots him and leaves him for dead in the badlands. He’s rescued and taken to a desert oasis by a crazy old prospector.

Ep.#623: “Island in the Desert: Part II” 09-Dec-1974 Color

Matt and Newly search for Festus who’s being forced at gunpoint to help his rescuer turned captor tote his gold through the badlands.

Volume 6

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